What Am I Decluttering and Making Room For Anyway?

Contemplating why exactly I want to get rid of stuff, and what I intend to achieve, it dawned on my conscious self that there are several reasons for this not-so-sudden urge.

First, the obvious. Stuff, especially lots of it, is a burden and a hastle. That is visually, mentally, and logistically, as far as working around it, or even more difficult, finding a place for it all to GO when there’s so much of it around.

Second, time. This does tie back to the mental burden somewhat by not occupying my precious brain “cycles” with thinking about the stuff, either actively or passively. At the same time, not spending the time thinking of the stuff on some level will allow me to spend time on other activities or occupations that I would like to pursue.

Third, financial. As I get rid of stuff, I could perhaps recover some of what was spent on it, or it’s storage, management and maintenance, by selling or bartering things, most likely on Craigslist, Freecycle or Nextdoor. Also, by actively thinking to not increase, add, supplement or enhance my collection of stuff, money unspent is money recovered!

Finally, FOCUS! Taking the previous three reasons, that’s what it all boils down to, isn’t it. Time, room and financial liberty to focus on new activities, give more focus to current or neglected ones, as well as keep an open mind and eye out on something that might have otherwise passed me by while I was too busy (pre-occupied really) with “stuff” on my mind!

That’s probably why I’m next thinking of goals for 2015, that I can plan on succesfully achieving as I make time and space for them.