Purge 2015 – Day 023

Somewhat of a departure from previous days, we have a belt! Clothing items! Goody! This belt goes back quite a ways, to my getting out of school and going on job interviews. When I had to buy something decent to wear to interviews (apparently shorts and T-Shirts don’t cut it? WHAAA????), I went to one of my favourite clothing stores of all times, M.H. Grover and Sons in Verdun (Montréal), and dropped some serious money on clothing items. You usually end up spending a good penny when going to Grover’s, but you get your money’s worth. On this particular trip, I forget just how much I ended up spending, but I needed the work! That is: pants, shirt, sweater, shoes, you name it… and this leather (fancy for me at the time) belt.

It’s not really a “dress up and look snazzy” type of belt, and it’s also wider (thicker? more taller?) than a dress belt, but the texture on it appealed to me, and I know that I’d be wearing it with more than just my “snazzy pants”, so I went for it. It couldn’t have been ALL bad, since I did ultimately get hired wearing it a few times!

However, since one of the features of the belt was a replaceable buckle, there had to be some sort of fastening mechanism to hold it in place. I presume this if fairly typical for belts, but I’m not sure. You’d think that, after 12 and a half years in Texas, where buckles are accessories much like watches and other jewelry, I would know. Maybe I’ll go learn about that today.

Anyhow, in the case of this particular belt style, the fastening mechanism are two snaps, placed back to back (they can be seen in the picture), and after quite some time of playing and messing around with the snaps, their hold had begun to tire, and would often give with the slightest pressure. Even the mere act of putting it on and buckling the belt could make it come undone. So while I haven’t worn it in a while, due to this minor issue of it not really working well anymore, I was remiss to discard it, since I do have a bit of history with it. But, at the same time, at the end of the day, it is just “stuff”, and it was adding no value hanging up, well worn and tired, in the closet. So, long overdue, it’s time to thank it for its service, set it free on a well deserved retirement.