Goals for 2015

As I mentioned previously, part of the decluttering goal is to make time and space for other activities, goals and ventures. Some of these have been part of my “intention” for a while, even going so far as getting promoted to actual New Year’s Resolutions™, with nothing but good intentions and nary a plan in sight! That whole “failing to plan, planning for success” bit I suppose.

So what makes things so different this time around? For one, a goal defines, typically, a clear and measurable or quantifiable objective. A resolution is nothing more than wishes and champagne bubbles fizzing up the nose as one year turns to the next. And by being measurable, it means that their progress can be TRACKED, and one can be held, gasp accountable! Oh yeah, I went there and used the “A” word.

So what goals do I intend to achieve in the following year? Unfortunately, I haven’t fully thought them through as thoroughly as I should. Perhaps that should be a goal, to actually fully ponder and determine my goals for 2016 prior to the date of December 31st preceding its arrival! Added to the list. Check. Next?

What else? Well, given that I’ve actually written something with semi-mixed consistency the last week or so, my intention to declutter and log what’s gone on a daily basis, and especially after receiving the gift of the Desk app from Kara for Christmas, it should be obvious that “writing” is a goal for the year. Not just la-dee-da writing, but proper, public writing, with the intent to put more thought to paper, as it were, and improve such a valuable communication skill. This includes writing technical/development posts for my Technical Blog, which ties directly to the next goal.

I will also be spending time working on a project that I’ve had in mind for several years, and have made several false starts on over time. This is something I’ve spoken to others about and always gets a great response, and fills a definite community need. What I’ve lacked is the focus, and accountability to get it done. I also keep over thinking and over architecting the technical solution, which leads me to second guessing my intent and capability. What I actually need to do, and will do this year, is follow what the typical bootstrapped startup should do, and come out with an MVP, or “Minimally Viable Product”, and then, “Just F*cking Ship”! Put stuff out there, get feedback, and go from there. Sink or swim, just put it out there to learn. It doesn’t need to be perfect, nor will it be. And I need to accept that fact, and be at peace with it.

As a penultimate goal, I will read more. Possibly technical books, since I love to learn new things, but also recreational material. These may be novels, works of fiction, or non-fiction, such as biographies or other informational titles that I’ve been wanting to read for some time. Just have a look at my Goodreads To-Read list. It’s almost ludicrous that there are over 60 books on it, and that’s just what I have actually linked and added to the list from my Amazon list of currently purchased and future Kindle wishlist. I’ve been reading at bedtime the last few nights on my new Kindle Voyage (hint: GET ONE), and I’ve rediscovered my thorough enjoyment of reading all over again, especially on a Kindle device! I’m thinking an average rate of 1 book per month seems reasonable, so I intend to read 12 books in the coming year. If I read more, huzzah! But I won’t set my sights too high or too ambitiously, and instead, will stick an even dozen for the time being. One of those, however, has got to be, and WILL be, Getting Things Done, which has stood on my critical to-read list for far too long without enough traction, or should I say accountability, to actually go through and read it passed the first few chapters. It’s already pre-ordered, and my target read date is April 15th – tax day here in the United States! Talk about getting it done indeed!

And finally, but certainly not least important, I will work on my health – specifically physical health, since most of the other goals are to help with mental and emotional health. As far as specifics, tangible, measurable and accountable measure, that means losing an average of one (1) pound per week. Although that certainly doesn’t seem like all that much, after a year, that’s 52 pounds! I’ll make it a nice, round (har har) even 50, with the 2 pound forgiveness for random events and festivities, such as birthdays, holidays, etc. Ultimately, by this date in 2015, and going into 2016, I will be at least 50 pounds lighter, and all that much healthier! So watch out Fitbit, you’ll be getting a good workout this coming year as well!

And so, recapping, what are the goal, in a short and succinct list?

  • Determine and define goals for 2016 – BEFORE December 30th!
  • Write more, and improve writing quality
  • Work on, and SHIP, Long Overdue Project™, and practice writing by posting to the Technical Blog
  • Read 12 books of any type, including the mandatory Getting Things Done
  • Get healthier physically, by losing at least 50+

Wow, such a short list, but it certainly feels ambitious and slightly overwhelming. I guess it’s about time to get started on it! Well, maybe tomorrow. No better time to procrastinate like the present!