Purge 2015 – Day 003

Today’s desk crap riddance are two old buckles from a Graco carseat recall. I couldn’t even say why I’ve had these sitting on my desk instead of tossing them once the swap was complete. Nor could I say why they’ve been on there for so long, except that they probably just kept getting buried under piles of other stuff over time. Either way, they are now where they rightly belong. In the trash!

As I get more into this process, I can tell my mind, looking at other things, already trying to rationalize keeping things that really shouldn’t be kept or need to be. That’s one thing I will need to work on throughout the process this year – to be mindful of what exactly I’m thinking and how I’m attempting to rationalize. Then, break it down logically, and re-rationalize (that’s a thing, right) why the rationalization is pure madness, and ultimately change that core thought process into one that values purpose and functionality over whatever it is that it currently values.


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