Purge 2015 – Day 004

Today’s litany of items are from all over the desk. Some new, some old – such as the Micro Center receipt from 2012 that is useless. No warranty information or purpose passed the 30 days store exchange. Yet, more than 2 years later, it was still there. The same goes for the garbage disposal registration card. Actually finally filled in the registration online (GTD baby!), and tossed it. The disposal was purchased less than 2 weeks after Annika was born, in late 2011. Never mind that it was installed at a later time, somewhere in the late summer of 2012 (errr, GTD???)

The same goes with most of the other items. Cologne samples that I should’ve sniffed and ditched right away, Hurricane Harbor pass from 2005 that’s been shuffled around more often then we went that summer [a good number of times], or airline and hotel loyalty cards that have seen their points expire, and their use vanish. The dryer manuals are the only new items to go. The dryer was purchased and delivered roughly 3 weeks ago. I found the digital versions of the manuals, stored them in Evernote along with other pertinent information (make, model, purchase information, serial number, etc) and tossed them.

Hard to believe that after so little, that’s all the “toss or take quick action” items from my desk.

Everything else that needs to go from my desk needs to be handled in some way first. Either via digitization (scanning) or simply filed away or stored for items that are difficult or impossible to replace, such as the seatbelt adjustment strap for a child’s car seat, receipts to be scanned and shredded, reference materials, things of that nature.

I guess I need to figure out what I will start working through tomorrow, though with the return to work, I’m sure that there are a few things there which I overlooked as I was tidying and cleaning before leaving for the holidays.