Purge 2015 – Day 005

Today’s items are compliment of the shelf storage next to my desk. Glancing over some of the items that formerly (and some still presently) reside there, these struck me immediately. Copies of TurboTax for the 2011 and 2012 tax years are no longer strictly necessary. I’ve decided to keep the actual CD media in a separate and dedicated software and utility CD storage case. But, the actual cases that the disks came in are gone. Also included is the documentation for the AppleCare protection plan that was purchased with my Macbook Pro, which has since lapsed.

Hint: ALWAYS get the AppleCare for anything that isn’t commodity hardware (AppleTV, Airport devices, etc.) as it seems to include some special treatment when dealing with in-store support. In my experience, often times a simple hardware swap will be done instead of a repair round-trip, such as with the latest iPhone 5 sleep/lock button recall. Other times, an additional repair needed will be done for the cost of the part only, since “we’ll already have the machine open anyway” for another repair.

Not to mention, the documentation included could be found online, and the actual service plan itself, is stored and managed online with Apple, where you register the plan to the device’s serial number if it’s purchased after-the-fact, or it’s done for you automatically (by the store clerk or the online Apple Store site) when bought directly from Apple.