Purge 2015 – Day 007

Today’s item, while related in functionality to yesterday’s, has nowhere near the backstory nor origin of the keyboard. This mouse, quite simply and banally, came from a Windows 8 training hosted by Microsoft at their local office, in order to raise developer awareness and readiness of Windows 8 and Universal Apps *cough*METRO*cough*.

It’s quite similar in overall physical design to the Apple Magic Mouse, whereas it has a single clicking contact, making it essentially a 1 button mouse, but can detect whether there was a finger on the right-hand side (or left-hand side for left handed configurations) in order to make it “right-click”.

It also supports multi-touch operations, such as two and three finger swipes, be they up, down, left or right. Pretty much all configurable, along with a few other special use options, such as thumb-swipes. However, having used a trackball for several years before, and then a mouse with a physical wheel, I simply couldn’t “line up” the scrolling section.

To make matters even worse, for some peculiar reason which I could never figure out, certain applications simply wouldn’t scroll with it, despite my best efforts. Or they would only scroll left and right, but not the oh-so-infrequently used up and down. Especially in Visual Studio and Editpad Pro, where I spent, and occasionally still do, the majority of my workday.

So while I did put it out as “available” yesterday, at the same time as the keyboard, this was intended to be a separate item, given that they were never a “set”, since I’d used both individually, and with no overlap that I can recall.

I think I can find a few more things at work that need to go, but I think they will take a temporary back seat, since I’m quite certain I just did the last two in order to avoid, at least delay, facing some tougher decisions on items I have at home. One way or another, at some point fairly soon, I’ll have to face them, and face the realization that the decision’s already been made, I simply haven’t consciously accepted that it must and will be done and dealt with. That’s the a good part of this exercise’s purpose!