On Writing for Myself

As I’ve spent the last week or so writing, more or less daily, I find myself enjoying the activity, to avoid the word “task” and all its connotations, of writing, and just putting something out there, in the ether. I haven’t worked out why just yet though. Perhaps it’s because, after years of absorbing the works and words of others, I feel an obligation to reciprocate, but that seems somewhat trite, and a little too convenient.
In truth, there’s a part of me that simply enjoys assembling words in some form or fashion, somewhat meditatively, so to pour out the numerous thoughts that clutter my mind at all times. A way to put some sort of order to them, or at least, group all like thoughts together.

There’s also a part of me that inherently trusts and believes something my lovely wife, Kara, told me years ago. I can’t quite quote it correctly after all this time, but paraphrased closely enough, she said “I believe that you have something important to say, and I want you to say it”. If that doesn’t stroke the ego, I don’t know what does! That was also over 12 years ago, and I’m fairly certain that among the many things I’ve said, not much has been of lasting importance. Certainly nothing that strikes me as such in any way.

So that is in part what this year’s goal of decluttering is for. It gives me a purpose and a reason to write on a daily basis. Or at least something to be written to be shared on a daily basis. It’s also why I try to add words and elaborations to my daily posts of clutter and stuff removed from my life – as a daily exercise to write. Calisthenics of the written word if you please!

I’ve also acquired an ebook some time ago, called 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts, as a way to have something to write about, or as a response to the prompt. Also, since purchasing the [Desk.PM][Desk app] application to write my blog entries, the app’s author, the awesome John Saddington posts daily writing prompts on the Community portion of the app’s site. I have also yet to take part in that daily writing prompt, but I’m aware of it and visit it frequently (nearly daily) so to get that habit set, in order to ultimately write in response to the prompt.

Finally, as I’ve come to discover over this past week of writing, that it’s simply enjoyable to me, and as I write, it increases my desire to read more. Perhaps, in a way, it’s akin to riding oneself of mental self-clutter, and making room to for something external, so to learn and grow from the outside. Pondering it a little longer, the best way I can describe it is a meditative experience.

The difficulty, as I’m coming to discover, is to stay “on topic”, at least insofar as publicly visible writing, and not simply let loose. Most likely if I were writing not only for myself, but also to myself, I could and would be less structured and filtered, letting things flow more in the form of a consciousness stream. Altogether, that would appear to be a good indicator and motivator to go through with the idea, and see what comes from the experience. I suspect it would be a healthy and helpful platform to exorcise some personal demons and issues. Or at the very least, make them surface in order to acknowledge them and be more conscious and mindful of their existence and influence on my life.