Purge 2015 – Day 009

Today’s purge item, while quite in the same vein as yesterday’s, counts as separate for me. While still a box for an iOS device, this one was my first post-birth Father’s Day gift from Annika (and mommy, because both ladies are awesome)!

I was given the “iPad 3“, or “New iPad“, or “iPad Retina” or whatever other name has been used to describe it as a replacement for the original iPad that I got as a hand-me-down from Kara. The reason I needed a hand-me-down was that, as I was reading it on the couch one fine evening, it slipped out of my hand. It probably would have been fine had I let it be, and fall on the carpeted floor. However, having lived with, and around, cats for 20+ years, I know I’ve got slick reflexes! So I tried to catch it, in the middle of it’s Gallileian theorem re-validation, made good contact with it, and promptly slammed it into the ground, squarely on upper right-hand corner of the device.

So, while the device was (and still is) functional, it was never quite the same again. Especially the lock switch, which still toggles back and forth, but is no longer physically tied to any component inside the device. So whether it’s set to be switch muting or rotation lock, it will not do either. The aluminium case is also rather noticeably bent, most likely tying back as the reason the switch no longer works.

So while we still have that iPad, whether I had helped body slam it to the ground or not, it probably would have been relegated to the ranks of a kid’s toy by now anyway. Between the retina display (yum!), increased performance, or simply supporting the latest version of iOS, and not being stuck in the days of iOS 5, it would have been obsolete and in need of replacement eventually. It just happened to work out nicely as a lovely, thoughtful and enjoyable gift from loved ones which I still cherish today.

The iPad that is. The box is so gone!