Purge 2015 – Day 011

Today's purge image

Continuing the trend from yesterday, where today’s series of magazine is MSDN Magazine. These are all the issues between November 2010, and October 2013 – measuring a stacked height of 5.75 inches. I honestly could not say why I’ve kept these so long. I can say that it’s for reference sake, except that I already had them in digital format, since the issues are made available for free.

I’ve also recently found out that it is now possible to receive the subscription in digital format only, rather than kill more trees to adorn my bookshelf. Except, being in a magazine holder, they’re not even really adorning the shelf, since the spines face the back of the bookshelf! Well, maybe the overflow were adorning the shelf, but I think of adorning in terms of enhancing the beauty or presentation of an item. This was certainly not the case – otherwise they would have possibly stood a chance of surviving the purge. Nah, not really.

This is also a magazine I’ve purged past issues from my “collection” once or twice. With software or any technical publication, it’s so easy to fall in the trap of keeping them far beyond their useful lifecycle. I’d even purged some, when our office moved in August 2013, that I’d been carrying and stashing in a box I’d moved from job to job. The box was first made/used in November 2004. You can imagine how old the magazines were, not to mention just how technically relevant they were by the time I’d set them out to pasture!

With this lot, I’ve now reclaimed more than one magazine holder in my bookshelf. I still have the holder for the time being, in case there are any loose items that I need to store in a contained fashion on the shelf. By the time the magazine purge is done, I will likely have 2 of them.

By the time I’m done with the entire purge, it’s quite possible that one or both of the holders will have found their way out of my possession. But, until I am certain that there is nothing I am keeping that requires that form of storage, I will let them temporarily continue to occupy the space in the bookshelf they currently fill.