Purge 2015 – Day 012

After clearing magazines from the bookshelf from the last several days, I figured I’d just keep that train rolling along, and get all magazines sorted and handled. At least from the bookshelf, lest I find others elsewhere I can’t even fathom at this time. This collection spans issues from August 2009 through January 2013. Yeah… yeah.

This is the series of Visual Studio Magazine, the magazine which was spawned in the fading glory days of Visual Basic, and Visual Basic Programmers Journal. Though I maintained a subscription to the magazine, it was only because I kept getting it for free. I hardly ever read it after a while, since it had gone from a good amount of valuable content in earlier issues, and the later ones felt like filler pieces as to avoid having too many ads lined up back to back.

Truth be told, I’d probably lost interest in it before the August 2009 issue, but free’s free, right? So I figured I’d let them keep coming in, with hopes that the content would improve. It might have, but despite my intention, I hardly ever even leafed through the pages. It went from the mailbox to the pile to the magazine holder, often only getting removed from the plastic media mailer immediately before this last step. If that wasn’t a sign I needed to get rid of the subscription AND the back issues, I don’t know what else could have acted as one.

So, with this photo and unceremonious trip to the recycling bin, I bid adieu to these holdout issues of Visual Studio Magazine, and my hopes that it could or would return to its position of value from the VBPJ days. May it one day do so, but I won’t be waiting for it – and likely will not be interested either. But never say never!


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