Purge 2015 – Day 015

Hey look! Not magazines! Not today, despite my best efforts! Seems that I’ve actually gone through and managed to wrangle all my magazines (at least the print ones) into some form of submission. This is one of the “SIGNUM” titled parts from Ikea, specifically, the last of the set of 3 grommets, as well as the sawing drill bit.

I used these after moving my desk out of what would be Annika’s room, along with a “Galant” cable management system (also no longer available), screwed under the desk, in order to prevent cable confusion. It didn’t work, but the desk top looks mildly tidier than it did before moving out of that room. As for the underside, well, at least there are holes in the “GALANT” which I was able to use to zip-ties and power strips to help at least keep cables and other parts (network switch, power bricks, etc.) contained on the unit.

Since the time it was setup, much has changed, such as the desktop tower I had and was using as a home server has been decommissioned (expect it to make an appearance in the next 353 days or so) and no longer connected. But, since I’ve mentioned zip-ties, well, the cables for the computer are still quite securely attached to the desk and the “GALANT“. At least I know where to find some in case of emergency – as long as the emergency is within 8 inches or so from the underside of my desk.