Purge 2015 – Day 013

Staying with the theme of stuff in the bookshelf, and with the right numbered day (yesterday‘s was incorrectly numbered as day 15, rather than the day 13 it actually was), this little gem came up while perusing actual books, determining what I want to keep, what I’m not so attached to, and what’s obsolete, technology wise anyway.

This is part of a multi-function phone holder and case for my first iPhone, the iPhone 3Gs, made by Marware. What was/is so awesome about this system is that in 5 separate pieces, you had 3 ways to carry your device, dependent on what your device carrying need was at that time. There was the simple phone case (not pictured, still on the 3Gs that is hardly ever used), which was composed of 3 pieces; the top, bottom, and backplate. What is pictured here is the belt clip, which could replace the back plate, and let you clip it to your, you guessed it, belt. The belt clip was also to be used in the configuration pictured above, where it slipped snugly and safely into an armband, which could be used during workouts.

The case (system really) felt pricey when I originally bought it for 45$ if memory serves; it might have been 50$. Regardless, given that I got 3 years of use out of it, and it took all sorts of abuse, in retrospect, this was a GREAT purchase. When I finally upgraded to the iPhone 5, I waited and waited. I waited for months for them to release a similar setup, to no avail. The last model iPhone they built such a system for, was the iPhone 4/4s

So I made due with a variety of cases which got replaced every several months, as they fell apart and disintegrated to the point of no longer offering any protection. Even today, it appears that gomarblue is producing a very limited variety of products. I’m sure it’s due to a number of factors, such as competition, production costs, slight margins, client interest, any other number of factors that influence manufacturing decisions. Still, as a client, I want what I like, not what everybody else wants!!!