Purge 2015 – Day 014

This book, the next from the collection removed from my bookshelf, I couldn’t really say WHERE I got it, or when. The inside pages mention covering the latest and greatest WPF features and .Net framework…. version 3.5. Given that version 4.0 was released in late 2009, I would guess I probably bought it in summer or fall of 2009, when I was working on a special project built in WPF. It’s most likely from a lunch technical discussion/learning group at work, but again, it might not.

I totally loved (and still do) working with WPF and XAML, which is on a near daily basis. To this day, I still find cool little niches of the framework to toy and play with for a little extra OOMPH, or make something visually complex in a fairly simple and straightforward manner. At least, most of the time.

Not much more to say about it really, since it’s pretty much been shelf fodder only since the group completed the book, and I had several other, more in-depth books and resources as go-tos for WPF, where this was more of a get-up-and-going with WPF type book, which by that time, I had already started getting a decent handle on, except maybe some finer point of UI styling.