Purge 2015 – Day 016

This book is, to put it mildly, quite a hefty tome! According to Apress’ book page, it numbers 1040 pages. However, from what I recall (the physical book is already gone), there were more pages than that, if we count the index, foreword, etc. So maybe 1060-1080 pages. Fortunately, it’s a softcover, however, it’s still a brick!

I bought it in August of 2009, at Barnes & Noble on Montfort, just north of Beltline in Addisson/Dallas area. How do I remember such a detail? First, we spent many evenings there between early August and late September. We’d go, after supper, Kara reading and looking over art books, me working on the work project long after the work day, sipping coffees, learning and loving every moment of it.

Also, the receipt was still in the book, used as a bookmark. Clever, right? Surely I’m the first person to EVER think of that one, right after pretty much every other person before me who bought a book at a bookstore to read immediately. This was a GREAT resource to learn. So great that I paid full MSRP, as well as later purchasing several more technical/programming books by the author, Matthew MacDonald, including the most recent edition of the same book.

So, given that I’ve got an updated edition of the book, in digital format, and that this one is dated from 2008, it seemed appropriate, and rather overdue, that this one get released, as well as have it release it’s grip on my psyche.