Purge 2015 – Day 017

Look, I’m not a hoarder, ok! Sure, this book covers a beta version of a piece of software which was released in July of 2009, so the book, given that the cover explicitly mentions that the beta is covered, and the released version updates will be available online, well, minor detail, right? Let alone that the following version, the penultimate one, was released less than a year later.

I did go through this book a bit, but barely, since I’d have to keep referring to the final version online for the “true” details. Not to mention, I was more into WPF, thinking (mostly correctly) that Silverlight was inferior, trimmed-down version.

I came into possession of it through Kara, who won it at the North Texas PC Users Group (NTPCUG), where we went to watch the ever awesome Teresa Burger present on Silverlight (v4) and RIA services.

I’ve come up with a term for objects like this. That are around because they’re around, and no other true reason or purpose. They no longer serve a function, their origin is without extremely special or sentimental meaning, they just “are”. These type of objects I consider to be “temporo-spacial psyche vampires™”.

In case a clarification or definition is necessary, the “temporo-spacial” should be obvious – because their existence take up time (temporo) and space (spacial) in your existence and psyche. “Vampire” because they don’t just take up time and space, but they sap it, as well as sap your energy from your psyche and mental capacity. If the concept of “Vampire” is foreign to you, or you need more help with it, this link should be of help.

Clearing your existence of such objects, when you encounter them or realize that such an object is one, should be quick, simple and without (or very little, temporarily) afterthought or remorse. Truly, a no brainer.