Purge 2015 – Day 018

This is another one of those “tragic” books. I won this book from a local user group (the Dallas ASP.Net User Group) at the local Visual Studio 2008 launch event. I had every intention to work through this book, buckle down and get much better versed and functional in ASP.Net, rather than hack and cobble together whatever would work best based on my knowledge of C# and antiquated Classic ASP knowledge. Unfortunately, things started getting busy shortly after the event, and I never made it a priority to make the time to work through this book.

Since the release of the book, and its covered topics, the Microsoft web stacks has undergone a significant amount of changes, with a good deal many more to come in the next version of ASP.Net. Time to get on the new version bandwagon, or at least more in depth on the current version!