Purge 2015 – Day 020

Continuing with the bookshelf, here’s a nice little meta about books. No, I’m not getting rid of the awesome Kindle Voyage that came in this box! I am, however, getting rid of the box that it came in, given that I’ve had the device for over 2 months now, and have had no issues with it.

The Voyage is a replacement/upgrade for my previous Kindle, which itself was a replacement/upgrade for my first Kindle. I loved, and still love, that 3G, especially for the physical keyboard. There are some simple word games available on it that don’t appear to be compatible with any new versions of the device, sadly.

I got the Voyage, a little belatedly, as a birthday present to me from several people, including my mom. I got an Amazon gift card, since physical goods can occasionally be problematic to ship across international borders, and this is also easier to purchase electronic goods that I enjoy, such as music and books. Knowing that the previous Kindle generations were released between mid-September and early October, and wanting something backlit like the [Paperwhite][Kindle Paperwhite], I figured I’d bide my time, and wait for [Amazon][] to announce and release their latest and greatest offering before getting one. All told, I’m quite glad that I did!

The difference between the Voyage and the previous model I had used is phenomenal! The speed and display refresh rate is great, but the rendering quality is HUGE! And the backlight makes reading in darker environments, such as bedtime and late night kiddo-snuggling sessions in the recliner so much easier to manage than a device and an independent light source. Not to mention, the even lighting of the backlight as opposed to an external spot-illumination light source makes it easier to avoid the glare (there is none), reducing the unpleasant sensation of light-in-the-eyes-in-a-dark-room nearly non-existent, and after a minute or two, a non-issue.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating, I’ve rediscovered the joys and loss-of-time sensations of reading that I remember experiencing when I got my first Kindle. Unless I strictly had to, or the Kindle weren’t suited for my choice of reading materials, I highly doubt I’d be able to read for any extended amount of time on a tablet or phone. Now, if only Amazon could make the bits smell like paper, or someone develop a spray, it’d be heaven to book lovers!