Purge 2015 – Day 022

No, no, no, I’m not getting rid of my copy of Parallels, I’m simply getting rid of the media (CD or DVD, can’t recall, doesn’t matter – never used it!) and the sleeve it came in.

The only thing I truly need from this packaging is the license key that was printed on it, which I have digitized. I then destroyed the printed/paper copy before putting it in the recycling, due to the ever so slight but possible chance for abuse that having it “out there” might create.

The reason for this is, every time the software is started and while it’s running, it “phones home” to check whether the license is in use (actively running) on another machine before allowing a virtual machine to be started, or its execution to continue. So while you could, in theory, run the same copy/license on multiple machines, it can end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

But, I use this software almost daily, and have gotten a copy of every new version (typically at upgrade or discount price) since version 4. It makes it possible to do Windows development and use Windows based applications, such as Quicken. It also lets you use any number of other supported platforms, such as Chrome, Linux, *nix, etc., including OS X itself.

So, while this really isn’t a voluminous item to get rid of, it does help the trend of digitizing what physical things I have that can be digitized and the physical copy discarded.