40 Days to Launch

40 Days to Launch

(Technically, 47)

This is it – my commitment; my time table. Although the timing does coincide with Lent and Easter, and I make this declaration on Ash Wednesday, there is no inherent religious tie or connotation to my project. It is simply a semi-arbitrary deadline, with obvious, well-known dates and events related to them.

To be clear and succinct, here is my statement:

By or on Monday, April 6th 2015, I, Hugo Dahl, will launch a personal project, publicly visible, accessible and consumable.

I have a few ideas of what exactly that project will be, and there’s also a chance that it could end up being something completely different. Regardless, I will launch it. Possibly in a version 1 state, more likely in a beta format, or even as possible, in alpha. Regardless, it will be out there for all to see, use, review and judge.

As is often the mantra, I simply must remind myself as well: “Fail fast, fail early, and fail often”! Sure, if I never put anything “out there”, there’s never any chance to fail. Worse yet, there’s never any chance to succeed! To paraphrase Edison, I need to find some of my 10,000 (tho hopefully many less) ways that things don’t work.