Benefits of Reading

According to some quoted statistics, which vary widely, but are still indicative of a same underlying truth, people simply do not read. From the numbers quoted, there are many “valid” reasons. Valid because it prevents reading – such as being illiterate or unable to read. This isn’t truly valid, because the ability to read, especially in this day and age, should be a fundamental skill which everyone should have access to learn, regardless of age, sex, creed or belief.

Before you object, no, Twitter and Facebook do NOT qualify as reading. Not to me anyway. To me, that’s the equivalent of reading the headline/title of articles in a paper or magazine, and saying you read it and are conversant of its contents. Those mediums are more “reading” – note the quotes. There are words, some even correctly spelled. The grammar runs the gamut of quality. It can be atrocious, exemplary, commonly acceptable or non-existant.

After reading (yes, reading, not “reading” – note the quotes) an article about some of the non-scientific benefits of reading. Many aren’t even benefits, but truisms and situational opportunities available to those who read. Many of these rang true with me which is why I’m sharing in the first place!

So, I ask, do you read? Are you an avid reader? Occasional reader? Are (anti)social media posts the only opportunities you take to read? Have you ever asked yourself that? And most importantly, are you happy with that answer? Why? And more importantly, why not?


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