Resolutions? Hogwash! Goals? Right on!

A new year is now underway – in every single time zone by the time I actually finish writing and end up posting this (it was the 31st of December, 2016, when I started writing). Regardless, it’s still not too late to plan objectives and goals for 2017. It’s also a good time to review 2016, even if it isn’t 2016 anymore. There’s no rules, no schedules, no timelines. All it is is “it’s what everyone else does.” Be your own person, do it your way – it’s your own life after all!

Alrighty! Wow, what a tangent I went off on, but so what? I’ve been reflecting and contemplating what my goals and objectives should be for 2017. There are many things which I would like to happen, but I can – or should really – only set goals for which I am in control of the outcome, and not depend on the will and desires of others to make things happen.

A classic online example I keep seeing in blogs and articles is “I will get x number of subscribers to my newsletter.” That’s much more prone to failure, since you’re counting on, and depending on said number of people to subscribe. If your content provides value, people will subscribe naturally, without any tricks, baits, antics or other “techniques.” However, by having a goal of “providing quality content and value through my site/blog/podcast/billboard/etc.”, the outcome could become reaching a certain number of subscribers.

As far as my goals are concerned, they may be lofty, but I have complete control over their success and attaining them. So, in no specific order, here they are…


Physical Health

While keeping an eye and intent on overall physical health, I will more specifically focus on a few major points…

  • Weigh in daily, and not breaking the chain, to get weight under control
  • Improve diet, again to get weight under control, and other medical necessities (i.e. numbers the medical establishment maintain should be within certain ranges)

I also will find a way to make the time to work out on a regular basis. A frequent regular basis. Halley’s Comet comes around on a regular basis, but as far as a workout schedule, it’s far from optimal!

These steps are necessary, and long, LONG overdue. But I think I’ve had enough of the whole “I’m in shape – round’s a shape, no?” and starting “diets” on the same days as everyone else. The two most popular of those days being, of course, “Monday” and “Tomorrow.” It’s time to stop saving up tomorrows before there aren’t any tomorrows left.

Behavior and mental health

With the goal to improve my overall mental and intellectual state and frame of mind, I will be taking the following steps…

Deal with clutter

Remove any clutter which exists solely to exist, and has no other purpose. This means all of the “one of these days I’d like to/will…”, the plethora of just in case stuff and anything that I’ve been holding onto because it’s been purchased and has “value.”

This last point is especially important since it weighs on one’s mind in more than one negatively impactful way – the worry/concern of having “wasted” money, as well as it being “around” without being needed, turning it instead into “stuff.”

For this, I’ve already started a plan, detailed in a previous post. So far, so good, on day 2 of 31 anyway!

Intellectual Stimulation and Growth

Last year, I took the Goodread 2016 Reading Challenge, which I did not successfully complete. That just makes me more determined to complete this year’s reading challenge, wherein I pledged again to read 18 books. While I hope to read more than 18, I will at the very least complete my 18 pledged books.

This will be from a breadth of topics, spanning fiction and non-fiction. The non-fiction will likely be in the personal growth and development area, but nothing’s set in stone!

Timeliness and preparedness

This is likely to be the most difficult, and thus, the main focus of my efforts for this year. It would seem that, on occasion, I can be just a smidge… tardy? I’m pretty sure that this is a fairly recent development, and not some life-long affliction! Oh, it also appears that I have a flair for understatements, it would seem.

In truth, my “just-in-time”-lines is not a new thing. I’ve been described by good friends in the past, amicably, as “just in time – fashionably late.” While said in jest, and somewhat expected of me, I still felt bad at being the cause of the delay.

I also recall several occasions where my mom, making sure that my brother and I were ready to go with ample time, would have us be bathed, dressed (in fancy clothes – slacks and shirt) and ready to go long before we “needed” to be. That left us with what felt like a lot of time where we couldn’t do anything – for a young kid’s definition of “anything.” that meant no running around or playing outside, riding bikes, baseball, etc.

It wasn’t that we necessarily or particularly wanted to, but it was the fact that we couldn’t, should we have wanted to do so. And being young kids, being dressed in so-called fancy clothes wasn’t all that much fun either!

While this has been, for about as long as I can remember, my de facto state of being, it doesn’t make it any better. So this year, I will focus on being ready and on time, and be where it is I need to be on time. But not in the “just in time” on time, but promptly, with some time to spare.

For specifics, some of the actions I will be taking, which will most impact my life and the household’s are:

  1. Waking up at an early enough time, allowing ample time to get me, and everyone, ready to head out and face the day on time.
  2. Going to/being in bed at a time allowing me to get enough rest to succeed at point #1.

Clearly, both of these points are related, since one is impacted by the other. Namely, going to bed will impact my ability to wake up rested and functional enough to start the following day off on the right foot.

Although this may, at times, not necessarily mean being asleep at or by a specific time, it does mean being in bed and ready to sleep, with phone off. The only device I will allow myself is my Kindle so that I can work on the Intellectual Stimulation and Growth aspect.

Respite, Review, Reflect and Release

This year, I will spend time and effort to write and maintain a journal, or otherwise keep track my days and thoughts, to help take them in and work through them. This writing may be in public or private, digitally or analog (pen and paper), but regardless, this I will do. There is proven value and benefits in journaling daily to review your day and plan ahead. Many greats have done it and recommended it. It’s also how we have such a breadth of information on and about historical figures and influencers.

There’s also no harm in writing more, as I do notice that my writing “style”, shall we call it, leaves much to be desired. Rambling, run-on sentences, lack of focus, non-sequiturs, yadda yadda yadda. I’ve got it all, and it’s one hell of a mess to make sense of – even for myself!

Kick a Bad Habit

Finally, after having done this for… about as long as I can honestly remember, I’m going to stop picking, chewing and biting my nails. I’ve lost track – not that I was keeping count – of how often I’ve bitten and chewed and gone too far to the point of pain, or worse. And lately, it’s amplified even more due to skin that appears to be more fragile or vulnerable to cracking in the area around fingertips and nails.

Other than being observant and mindful of actually biting or chewing, I don’t yet have plan or method to help accomplish this goal. However, should I end up needing some more drastic way of staying on track, I’m sure Dr. Google will come up with more than enough ways to do so. Some may even be realistic!


Sitting back and reviewing this list of goals and objectives for the forthcoming year seems rather full and lofty. But I do intend to do what I can to accomplish them, and set the stage to accomplish more goals for next year. As the saying paraphrases to – “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. First things first, though; let’s get a grip on 2017 and face the next 364-ish days one at a time.

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