Clearing a Stuck Missed Call Badge on OS X

I’ve been staring at a useless (and incorrect) badge on my Facetime icon on my Dock for well over a year. From today on, I have a clean slate!


I’ve been living with this headache for over a year now, before even doing a full reinstall. While I didn’t reinstall in an attempt to clear the stuck badge, I was hoping that it would get fixed. Yeah. So much for that.

I do NOT have that many unanswered Facetime calls!
I’ll get right on that as soon as I return these calls.

After much time wasted spent trying to find a fix or solution to no avail, I figured I’d try to give this a shot by taking semi-educated haphazard stabs in the proverbial dark. Go figure that after less than an hour, I had something that appeared to work, and in less than 2, something reproducible to share and save for posterity.

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