Decluttering – Argument/Counter Argument

As an Angie’s List member, you end up on a few of their lists, such as their monthly magazine, daily provider deals, things of that nature. Given that they are content creators for their magazine, they also email some of this information, something like a mailing list.

Recently, I received such an email, with a subject was very interesting/catchy to me, and related to an interest and personal goal of mine for a while – minimize the amount of “stuff” (aka “decluttering”). The title seemed, at first, somewhat misleading (I’m going to call it as their doing some A/B testing), but the contents was very good. The article in question is 6 Home Organization Excuses

Ultimately, it’s 6 great “responses” to thoughts you likely have while cleaning or clearing up. I know they’re all thoughts and beliefs that I’ve had [still have]. #1 is very reminiscent of something that my brother Bernard mentioned to me a while back. Basically, don’t think of it as “what do you want to get rid of”, but rather, “what would you keep in an ‘in case of fire’ box”.

The issues I have the most trouble with are numbers 4 and 5, that is “Someone gave it to me as a gift” and “I’m emotionally attached to it/them”. These I particularly struggle with, because when I want to give someone a gift, I want it to be of use, value and meaning to them, in a selfish way, perhaps, that when they use or see it, they’ll remember that it came from me, and think of me. So I try to put thought and deliberations into gifts, and assume, or project, that others do the same with gifts for me.

Ultimately, these responses are like habits, and perhaps I should print them out and put them up when I’m cleaning up or declutering. They could act as a checklist as to whether I truly want to keep and item, or if I’m simply trying to convince myself that I do.