Planning for a Cleanse, or A Cleansing Plan

As I step back and take a look around at all things lately, it occurs to me that, “Wow, that’s a LOT of stuff.” The thought then dawned on me that, perhaps as an interesting exercise in minimizing and reducing clutter and lightening the loads, I need to purge. Now, this usually means physically, as in said “stuff”, but at other times, it can be an experience or occasion where I need to just “let it go” – especially if it’s been a long time coming.

Other times, it can mean reaching out, and renewing what has been left behind, but not forgotten. It could be a hobby, a friendship, a honey-do list item, a personal side project, etc. Maybe it means letting it go, or maybe it means “get it done”. We’ll see.

What I’m getting to, I suppose, is that every day in 2015, all 365 of them, I will be getting rid of something. My ground rules (for now), are quite simple. Every day, something has got to go. It can be one thing, one single, paltry item, or it can be one set or collection of things – such as “one bag of stuff to donate”, rather than drawing it out as “one mug to donate today, one to donate tomorrow, then four plates, WOOHOO there’s a week!” Or, it can be “One side task item to move this side project forward”, or “Ok, I’m dropping this idea, since I’ll never get to it, and deleting (or archiving in a hard-to-get way) notes, thoughts and assets”. It could also be letting go of a moment or experience, but I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Fortunately, there’s a lot of physical and project clutter to wade through and make mental room so that I can figure it out over time!

One final, CRITICAL rule I must impose upon myself is, for any one new thing I bring in, I must also dispose of one old thing ON TOP of whatever I get rid of for the day. No point in replacing old clutter with new. Clutter is clutter, regardless of its age or condition

So, starting January 1st, through December 31st of 2015, my plan is to purge 1 “thing” from my life, and catalog it here. Yes, it’s adding something to my life, but it’s adding value in rediscovering just how much I didn’t need to fulfill artificial needs and wants in my life. Also, much like taking a picture of a precious memento so that it can live on after the object is gone itself, perhaps, over time, this will act as my memory book.

This is not a resolution for the new year however, regardless of the timeframe. This is making a change in my life, for the better, to make room for what truly matters.